Battle Formation[Beta]

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    Adding immunity, states and enabling/disabling skills based on formation position would be terrific.

    If you're referring to the position of the actors in battle, it is because both this plugin and Battle Engine Core alias the "Sprite_Actor.prototype.setActorHome" function (or method, I don't know a lot of JS). It can be solved by deleting the following bit of code, or rather, making it a comment by adding "/*" before it and "*/" after it. The code belongs to Battle Engine Core.

    Sprite_Actor.prototype.setActorHome = function(index) {    var screenWidth = Graphics.boxWidth;    var screenHeight = Graphics.boxHeight;    var maxSize = $gameParty.maxBattleMembers();    var partySize = $gameParty.battleMembers().length;    var statusHeight = eval(Yanfly.Param.BECCommandRows);    statusHeight *=;    statusHeight += * 2;    if ($gameSystem.isSideView()) {      var homeX = eval(Yanfly.Param.BECHomePosX);      var homeY = eval(Yanfly.Param.BECHomePosY);    } else {      var homeX = eval(Yanfly.Param.BECFrontPosX);      var homeY = eval(Yanfly.Param.BECFrontPosY);    }    this._checkAliveStatus = false;    if ($gameParty.battleMembers()[index]) {      var actor = $gameParty.battleMembers()[index];      if (actor.isAlive()) this._checkAliveStatus = true;    }    this.setHome(homeX, homeY);    this.moveToStartPosition();};
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    Not sure if this plugin was abandoned, but the work you have done on it so far is quite impressive. Fleshing this out further would be amazing if you choose to come back to it

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