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    hello wonderful people of the internet! (^u^ )

    I have been working on transfering my VXA game over to XP because I'm finding XP to be superior in my opinion

    and I need a bit of help if one of you nice scripters have a minute!

    I'm using the Goldensun Battle System shown here

    the animated version is what I'm using for my game

    the catch to this is my game is meant to only have 1 playable character at a time...including battles

    my problem is the HUD ...its the generic HUD that comes with XP and I DESPISE IT!

    in VXA I used Victors ATB script to make the hud look kinda like FF7 looked great but also wasent exactly what I wanted

    what I would REALLY! like would be a simple menu LIKE the ff7 one only optimised for a single character at a time

    what I'm looking for is something like this [​IMG]

    ¬†only with less players and a limit its like this [​IMG] I do realize this all seems odd that I would ask for a hud with a HP/MP/limit/ATB for one player with the options permanantly on the lower right corner

    but this seriously all I want in a battle HUD ...minus the"barrier" from the ff7 picture...the Victor ATB script was close to what I was initially looking for in a battle HUD so if anyone even feels like converting the script I'll be happy

    I check my emails constantly if anyones interested..and don't hesitate to ask for details or anything else

    thanks guys!

    EDIT: yeah so I managed to figure out how to do it on my own so I'll be deleting the post soon

    2ND EDIT: I don't know how to delete a post
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