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Sep 28, 2016
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Hey Guys,

Name is Pim from the Netherlands

I am new to RPG Maker and need to know something before i buy. Though I will probably end up buying it anyway.

If you want the background story, scroll below for the intro :)

Anyway what I was wondering is the following..

I want no Leveling system in place for the combat, just counters/attributes being incremented and decremented based on conversations, acts, deeds, quest outcome etc.

So you do not get any XP or level up but the progression and way you progress is purely story/action driven.
Do action 1 ,get extra strength but decrement on agility.
Action 2 adds more endurance but decrements strength.

Also add some attributes that give extra weapon damage or defence.
Attribute adds +1 to armor

Attribute adds +3 to type weapon "shortsword" etc (multiplier)

Why would I want this?
Well because I have built a world I have been trying to make a game out of since 2001 J

“Kingdoms of Hayr” and leave the hair jokes, it basically means kingdoms of Fathers.
It has an extensive deity pantheon in the story and I would love to work in a way that combines lore/ story and game mechanics in one. A game that has an actual roleplay immersive feel to it.

So for the player to actually play the story and gets favors and scrutiny from different opposing deities/factions etc.

I have been fiddling around with Esenthel engine and made a lot in the NWN1/2 mods with toolsets but I never got to creating the actual stories and games I want because it does require a certain mechanic to be told how I want it to be.

I have tried again and again to make a 3d game out of it but it required so many resources I could never sustain a project like that in the long run with many people on board ( without pay and as a hobby project)

that’s what I am looking for and I am no coder, believe me I know the basic mechanics of coding but **** my pants with rainbows whenever I see an empty page with a prompt waiting for me to write the code I need from scratch.


So I was really hoping this is possible within RPG maker.
so just give 0 XP every fight, but maybe have other actions taken place.

Like , if killed mob with a bow add + 0.1 Dexterity/Agilty.

Quest completed way 1 Add God A favor  +1

If Integer/String "favor god 1 "= *
Add * to damage weapon “Sword of god  1”.

Combining these tricks I want to make something dynamic.
Things like that


Anyone able to tell me if I can?

Sorry for the maybe confusing and long post.. here's something pretty added :)

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May 2, 2016
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I think some of them can be made with just event,switch and stuff,... but some of other might required scripting.

But the event system of RPG Maker is really powerful, maybe it could do the stuff that need script too!


Mar 5, 2013
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yes, it can be done - you do not need to use the level system, the events can increase and decrease values directly.

Depending on how exactly you want it done it might require some workarounds to get the commands executed, but nothing blocks the idea automatically.

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