Battlelog Messages (1.6.1)

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    Battlelog Messages

    Hi, this is my first plugin so be gentle. This will let you do battle log stuff more easier, so I hope it helps out anyone who stumbles upon this post.

    To use this plugin, simply do the following plugin command(without square

    battleLog [frames] [Text]

    so "battleLog 120 I am big." (without quotation marks) would print "I am big."
    in the battle log for 120 frames.

    If you have YEP_BattleEngineCore you can also make text centered.
    If you want to center the previous example you'd do the following:
    battleLogCenter 120 I am big.

    Text codes like changing the color or showing icons work as well.


    Terms of use:
    You can use it in any game free or commercial, but "ZainWD" must be credited in your game.
    Not required but a link to your game would be nice(not a download, a link to the game page itself)

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