Nov 20, 2016
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Oh man, is that a ROBOT!?
BAZBOT is a pseudo SRPG made in RPG MAKER MV where you take control of four sweet robots that are really good at killing stuff.

The hell is a Bazbot?
A Bazbot is a robot specially designed to be possessed and manipulated by a spirit. Developed by the US government, a machine was created allowing an individual to become free of their worldly form and become a ghost. While in this "Spirit Form", one can manipulate real world objects, and use them as vessels for their wandering souls.

Why on EARTH do we need this!?
Because the year is 1996, and the US military has discovered something quite strange hiding out in the middle of nowhere. An abandoned factory is no longer abandoned, and is crawling with some unusual fellows. Not knowing what dangers lurk inside, the military needs a soldier that can easily repair itself, not feel pain or emotions, and can easily get around. Hey, that's you!

So what do I gotta do?
In BAZBOT, you'll take control of a wandering spirit who needs to strategically maneuver some robots through an old creepy factory.

  • Make your way through 28 levels filled to the brim with strange and menacing foes!
  • Collect weapons and equipment to gear up your robots, and figure out what on earth is going on!
  • Pause time while in "Spirit Form" to slip past enemies and scout out the area.
  • Listen to an extremely mediocre soundtrack while fighting lazy photoshopped enemies!

When can I play it?
A demo of the game is available from this dropbox link:

BAZBOT will be released hopefully soon, once I complete some more bugtesting.





Tell me your thoughts!

Please don't be afraid to leave some criticism for me. I want this game to be the best it can be, but it will only achieve that with your feedback. Thanks!

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