Beastie Bay-like Travelling System

Aug 7, 2020
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There's this mobile game called Beastie Bay that I really like, and one thing I love about it is the explore system (I don't know how to explain it so I'll attach a pic)

Looking for this bottom part only ^^^

So it basically side scrolls with the player automatically walking forward whilst enemy encounters happen when you bump into an enemy that's just standing there (static) or sometimes, surprise encounters where an enemy rushes in from the right side of the screen and crashes into the player sprite whilst he's walking. (I couldn't find a pic of this, if needed I'll boot up my BB game and hope I can take a screenshot of it, lol) Then it turns into a battle, player either wins or loses, and if he wins, continues walking until he reaches the end. (Using he pronouns because the BB avatar is male) Note the progress bar at the bottom and the hunger bar on the top left corner, (Though I don't care if the hunger bar gets added in or not, that is very low priority)

1596891021266.png <-World map with moving sprites of player's progress in travelling

In Beastie Bay, the Explore bar happens when you travel to another island or when you explore a piece of land on an island you're already at (the first pic's blue square of land). I'm only looking for something like the former, because I want to use this plugin as a world map sorta thing without making it seem like the party teleports to another land and without having like a gazillion transition maps. So I need the background of the explore bar to be a map of the world that shows the player in their mode of transportation going to other islands. The player sprite moves too, though I don't know how the speed is balanced.

I'm not actually sure if a plugin is needed for this, but I assume yes? At least, I think there needs to be a plugin for the side scrolling, idk. I'm not very knowledgeable on RPG Maker or javascript, so sorry if it can be done with a common event or if it's outright impossible. :kaoswt2:

Oh, and if there are any similar plugins, please let me know! Plus I would be happy if someone just made the side scrolling Explore system, no need for the map in the background!

Thank you for reading!!!

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