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Nov 2, 2015
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IB_Berserker V1.02
Autor : InBlast

Hey everyone ! I'm a beginner at making plugins, and this is one of my first :p

I hope you will like it, don't hesitate to leave a comment =)

This plugin allow you to set an actor as a berserker =) Nice right ?

At first, i wanted a way to increase the damages of an actor while he is losing HP. Less HP = More damages !

This plugin allow you to make a formula which will modify the damage output of your berserker actor. By default, it increase the damages by 1% for each 1% HP lost.
You can also use other stats =) 

How to Use
Install the plugin using plugin manager. 

You can set an actor as a berserker by adding <Berserker: formula> in his notetag. The damage value will be multiplicated by the formula. if the actor is tagged as a "berserker"

Terms of Use
Free to use in both commercial and non-commercial project, but credits are required (as InBlast).


It should be compatible with everything =)

Changes :

1.01 - Adding the possibility for an enemy to be a berserker

1.02 - Removing the formula parameter, adding it in the actor/enemy's notetag

Special thanks to Mr. Trivel for his help !

Link :
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