Beta Testers Needed Buzzline Impulse 2

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    Buzzline Impulse 2 is a sequel to a not-so successful game called Buzzline Impulse If you want to learn the plot of the first game, well here it is. So the main character, Fress, Goes out and adventure to save the world from the infamous demon king. he meets lot's of friends on his journey! As he defeats the demon king, the demon king turns into his second form, Demon God. But that game sucked so I decided to change from VX Ace to MV. 

    In Buzzline Impulse 2, it doesn't focus on the friends that he met, but mainly Fress, the main protagonist. So here is the story for Buzzline Impulse 2. So he awakens and he is excited because the town was rebuilt. He goes outside, just to realize that every monster now wants to kill him because he killed their god, the Demon King. But he also discovers something else. A hole. He jumps into it and it leads to a cave. Then A lab lady named Cindy finds him, and takes hime to his lab (the hub world). You need 4 monster keys to unlock the teleporter to fight the new king, Death.

    Beta Tester Rules:

    1. No spoiling/leaking information

    2. If any bugs found, message me here on the forums

    3. No tweaking the game

    When you ask to beta test, and I accept you, then I well send the game files.
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