Big Palm - Parallax Mapping Rpg Maker Mv

Discussion in 'Resource Requests' started by Churro, Jan 23, 2018.

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    I hope someone is so kind to help me:wub

    What i need:
    A big palm for parallax mapping in RpgMakerMv
    I found a wonderful palm from @Avery (see spoiler below).

    For more variety i need one which is about twice as high and perhaps with bigger leaves.
    The trunk should not be too wide, only a big wider like the one from Avery.
    (But i take all i get :troll:, perhaps someone can edit an existing palm)

    Style: Matching the Rpg Maker MV RTP and the Palm from Avery
    Licence: Free for commercial and noncommerical use (with crediting of course)


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