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    I am using big sprites and wish to fix the movement, collision, and trigger problem. I tried Estriole's plugin but there seemed to be problems when 2 large events collided.

    This is the current version.

    Current Features:
    • Set vehicle size in plugin parameters.
    • Run comment commands to make player big.
    • Use notetags and comments to make event size match the sprite.
    • When the event moves and turns around, the size will be adjusted accordingly. If a part of the large event hit the map edges/impassable tiles/characters and cannot move/turn, it will not move/turn. So far turning, move straight, move diagonally, jump, set location, and swap have been adjusted.
    • Player only has to be in contact with any solid part of the large event to trigger it.
    • Big events can be any shape and size.
    Please give me feedback on the big sprite plugin! :D

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