Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix

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    Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix
    by Dahlys

    Make Player, Vehicles, and Events BIG


    By default, only the base tile for characters is solid regardless of sprite size. To make it bigger, you need to make multiple events. With this plugin, you can make characters occupy more tiles. You can have larger map monsters, bigger vehicles, or enlarge the player.

    • Set vehicle size in plugin parameters. Set event size by notetag or comment (when size is only applicable to certain pages). Set player size by running an event containing a bigPlayer comment. Change character sizes halfway through an event using a comment tag.
    • Big player and events can be any shape and size (vehicles still in the works, but rectangular, circle, and diamond shape are ok). You can make the base tile passable and the rest of the character solid! Also, you can make the sprite rotation axis be at the center of the big sprite rather than the base tile. You can even customize right down to which tiles are solid when the character faces a certain direction.
    • When a big character moves and turns around, the size will be adjusted accordingly. If a part of the large event hit the map edges/impassable tiles/characters and cannot move/turn, it will not move/turn. Same goes for diagonal movement (both player and event), jump and swap.
    • Player, vehicle, and event triggers will also be enlarged automatically. You can choose whether the player/event triggers activate regardless of direction (as long as it is touching) because big sprites might not be able to turn to face the player/event.
    • Choose whether you want to get on/off only from the side of the vehicle or from any direction. Getting on/off the side makes more sense and is visually appealing for vehicles like big cars and boats/ships. For side get on/off, you can choose which side is preferred by picking between left-hand drive and right-hand drive.
    • Choose whether you want a vehicle to reverse or flip directions when you suddenly make a 180 degree turn.
    • Plugin compatibility was tested with Galv's diagonal movement and spawn events as well as Yanfly's region and vehicle restrictions.
    Plugin Download

    At github:
    Plugin Order: After Yanfly's core (if using), diagonal movement, but before region and vehicle restrictions.


    Terms of Use

    Credit Dahlys for the plugin. It is free to use.
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