Bighoncho's SV Animated Battlers (enemies and actors)

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    Free for commercial or non-commercial game.
    No credit is require.
    You are allow to edit battlers for your own game.
    Not allowed to redistribution for resale.

    Game making is an arduous journey. I wished all happy game making and Good Luck!

    I have made 3 packs of sv animated battlers. Each pack consist of 4 animated battlers.

    My animated battlers consist of many actions. Download the files and see for yourself.
    You can use them with yanfly sv animated plugin to use the battlers as NPC or as action. Your choice.

    OK, I know there are some blemishes at the moment for the first three packs.
    I have had an super overwhelming day.

    Pls give your comment on the battlers so I can fix it ASAP. I have all my work saved in photoshop
    so I can make changes easily.

    At the moment I am making monster aka NPC battlers. I have some work in progress animated sv for actors,
    but it will be at a later stage. So for now Enjoy!

    Pack One

    Pack Two

    Pack Three

    Download links as below:
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    These look beautiful! Only issue is that your download links are all 404s.

    Still, nice work on your artwork. I love how realistic that tiger looks. And the attack animation is cool too!
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    Sorry guys and girls and @MMMm

    I am such a bummer ... it is my first time using itch. I have just set the page to "publish" so it should work now
    and the files should be available for download. The files are free to download, so you should be able to download
    right away.
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