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Discussion in 'JS Plugin Releases (RMMV)' started by Galenmereth, Oct 24, 2015.

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    Howdy, panda high five @Random Panda :kaohi:

    I used to use Galv's "Layers Graphic" plugin but recently switched to OcRam's. It's working better for me and is currently supported (unfortunately Galv's isn't).

    Here's a link.

    If you don't need something super complex I'd recommend just using a normal parallax background with a "!" in the name for the ground layer and the official "foregrounds.js" plugin that's made by Kadokawa (should be available in your DLC folder) for an overlay. If it's enough and works, simple is best.
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    Hey there.

    So, I have a bit of a hiccup thanks to this plugin... almost literally.

    I started a project not long ago and as a first option I tried to use BindPic. But, of course, I noticed the performance issue right away, so I changed to Orange. But the thing is... Now, with BindPic OFF on my plugin list (or even deleted from it) I get "flickerin" when I use the "Show Picture" command. As an example. I use a bust for one character that consist in 4 different picture layers... an everytime I change one of the layers (for facial expression) I get a flicker (picture shows, disapears and shows again) in a matter of a second, but it is very annoying.
    (This gets aggrevated if I try to use a parallel event for animations)

    The thing is, I dont get the flicker when BindPic is ON, even if I'm not using it at all... (I'm not binding any picture to map and I have no plugin commands writen on any event)

    So my question is, does this plugin creates secondary files like registries that may be messing with my project even if the plugin is disabled?
    If so, how do I completly remove it?.

    Thanks for the help and sorry to post if this thread is dead,

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