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Jun 8, 2017
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Hello! I'm currently in the process of converting my first novel in a trilogy I published on Amazon into a full length RPG! After sitting on the idea for awhile and having previously spent a portion of my youth messing around with RPG Maker, I am finally taking the plunge!

I'm halfway through the first chapter of the game, which incorporates the first two chapters of my book. I'm adapting the story for video game story telling, but the majority of the plot and characters will remain. I'm using the basic RPG Maker MV package, but hopefully with enough polish it will stand apart from others.

As for what that entails so far: I've several food items to find in the world for increasing stats, lots of searchable objects, lots of variables while performing investigations (a tutorial of sorts which occurs in the first chapter as it rewards you with added dialog after you've searched the room and found all of the goodies stashed there!), and of course a deep and rich story lifted from two novels that combined are over 300k words! Also attempting more of a quest based craft-able weapon and armor system.

What's planned: Lots of visual novel style choices, with experience bonuses for certain choices, minimal random encounters to tie in with a more story based combat system, stylized fights with various win and lose conditions, various character based stats effects related to their skills and/or race. Humans can Wait a turn to recover Action Points for example with increased Evasion, while Elverians can Meditate to greater effect over multiple turns with increased Defenses. Elverians can only use magic skills, where as Humans are more adept at physical combat. Need good strategy to win! Also depending on certain dialog choices, characters will unlock extra skills!

For those curious, check out the first chapter of my novel available to sample on Amazon until I can upload some screenshots and a demo later this week! Or if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited you can enjoy the full length of my novels for free. Just search Amazon for: Birthright by Richard Holden. Bit of a warning though, the content of the novels and the game is mature and contains sexual imagery, violence, alcohol, etc. Standard for adult fantasy. I'd say it not be considered 18+, as it does not contain nudity, mainly suggestive dialog. Still, this isn't a game for children. On start up, the game says as much, as seen below.


I hope everyone will enjoy. Stay tuned!


shot1.jpeg shot2.jpeg shot3.jpeg shot4.jpeg shot6.jpeg shot7.jpeg

Synopsis (taken directly from my Amazon page, as it's similar):

She comes from a long line of soldiers, guardsmen, sworn to uphold her family's code of honor, and born to serve the royal house that has ruled the land for centuries. Studious, courageous, and headstrong, she's risen through the ranks to become one of the youngest Commanders of the Queen's Guard in its thousand year history, and the first woman at that, following her late uncle's recent passing. She'd hoped to escape this life, to avoid her preordained destiny, to rebel against her family's heritage with the hopes of starting a family and creating traditions of her own. But sadly, an injury during her brash teenage years has left her unable to bare children, and so sealed her fate. To avoid the pain of languishing in the then certainty of her future, she'd committed fully to the cause her family had been practically bred for, with no other future before her but that she'd always known. Only her path will lead her not to her inevitable end, but to new beginnings, and opportunities to reclaim the future she thought lost. Though it may mean sacrificing everything she's spent her life begrudgingly working towards, and everything her family, and those they serve, have spent centuries building and protecting. She'd need break her vows, on the assurance that there's a way to restore her ability to have children, in helping another to reclaim their own birthright through treason. But will she be willing to watch those she's sworn to protect, those who have been like family, and even her own family counted among them, fall to the sword on that chance? Too, if need be, by her own hand? Or will she discover a fate unlike any she could have imagined in struggling to make that decision?
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