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Mar 26, 2019
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bituin.js (v0.7)
by dismal_science__


bituin.js enables you to call a Mario-like "Super Star" effect, while on-map.

It is useful for single-actor games that employ an ABS rather than the default RMMV turn-based procedure.

During the effect period:

  • a parameter-specified animation will appear on the Player.
  • the Player will not lose HP when damaged.
  • the Player will have increased speed.


Actor ID
Pretty self-explanatory, who should be affected by the bituin.js?​
Game Switch
The number of the Switch you want to use as an indicator that bituin.js is in effect.​
Which Animation to use during the effect. (Don't have an Animation? Read Quick How-To guide below)​
Effect Duration
How long should bituin.js last (in seconds).​

How To Use

bituin's filename must remain "bituin.js" in order to work properly.

Place "bituin.js" in your project's JS/PLUGINS folder.

bituin requires an animation to work properly.

If you don't already have an animation to use:
  1. In the Database, click on the Animations tab.
  2. Select a blank (unused) animation.
  3. In Name type "bituin". Change Max Frames to "10".
  4. In the SE and Flash Timing list box, right-click and choose "Edit..."
  5. In the window that pops up- change Frame to "1", Flash to "Target", and put the following values in R, G, B (respectively)- 255, 204, 51. Click OK.
  6. There should be a new entry added to the list box- #001 Target(255,204,51,255), 5 frames. Right-click on this and choose "Copy". Right-click below the entry and choose "Paste".
  7. A new entry should have appeared. Right-click on this and change Frame to "3", and put the following values in R, G, B- 255, 0, 124. Click OK. The entry should now read: #003 Target(255,0,124,255), 5 frames.
  8. Right-click below the last entry, choose "Paste". This will paste another duplicate of the first entry. Go through the process in step 7 again- using "5" for Frame, and 118, 215, 234 for the R, G, B values.
  9. Repeat step 8- using "7" for Frame, and 102, 255, 102 for the R, G, B values.
  10. Repeat step 8 again- using "9" for Frame, and 254, 111, 94 for the R, G, B values.
  11. You should now have 5 entries in the list box. You are ready to use bituin!

Once the plugin is turned on in your project, go to bituin.js' settings page and right-click on the "Animation" parameter. Select the "bituin" animation that we just created.

Go back to Database and go to the Common Events tab, create a new Common Event called "bituin", with Trigger set to "None". Under the Contents list box, right-click and choose "New..." In the window that pops up, go to tab 3 and click on the "Script..." button. Another window will pop up.

In that window's text box type:

Click OK. Now click on the Items tab. Either create a new Item or use an existing one- under the Effects list box, right-click and choose "Edit..." In the window that pops up, click on the Other tab and then select Common Event. Choose "bituin" and click OK. Click OK again to exit the Database.

Now, you any time your player uses that particular item during gameplay, they should become invincible, animate, and move faster than normal.

bituin can be used in other situations, just use the script call specified above.


(Google Drive. 1 JS. 7KB )




bituin.js is free for use in both commercial and non-commercial projects, as long as the author is credited accordingly:

bituin.js by dismal_science__
You are free to edit this plugin as you see fit for your project.

If the edits can benefit the community as a whole, I request that they are also posted here so the edits can be incorporated into an official release.

Please do not re-post, just link to the dismal_science__ devblog.​

Thank you to Traverse and Wavelength of the RPG Maker Web Forums for their scripting advice.

You might also like my other plug-in, zHUD- a Zelda-esque HP HUD:
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