Jul 1, 2014
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I have a blackjack duel games I made. I am looking for suggestion discussions.. on making blackjack more exciting.

Bets are now Life Points LP. Player can bet 2000, 4000, 8000 per match.
Win condition is when Player is able to get "Dealer" Life Points to Zero.
Damage (payout) : Whoever wins the deal, gets to deal damage = score x 100. So BlackJack deals 21 x 100 = 2,100 !!

Each player can use a special skill once per round, in this order
1. Ace Rate Up - allows player to get an ace for the first card
2. Insurance - when a player gets blackjack and prediction is correct, no damage
3. Damage Up - deal additional damage based on suit
4. Silence - forbid any skill use next turn (whoever has higher card 1 value gets to use it)
5. Redraw - allow redraw for first two cards
6. Ward - limit LP loss for the turn
7. Borrow - restore / heal / recover LP (limit to 2 use per match)

**** next below are in NYI in the game ****

I converted the suites to elements Fire Air Water Earth, and using all four is called Aether.
Now I have elemental reactions..

1. Fire + Fire = all damage x1.5
2. Air + Air = distance from 21 will deal damage
3. Water + Water = consume 500 LP when hit
4. Earth + Earth = consume 1000 LP to use skills
5. Aether + Aether = bust damage 200 LP per score
6. Fire + Water or Air + Earth (opposing elements) = bonus damage on score difference
7. Aether + any = bust damage
8. Fire + Air = 100 bonus damage per draw
9. Fire + Earth = Spanish 21, no 10+ value cards
10. Water + Air = if first card is ACE lose LP
11. Water + Earther = if first card is ACE cannot use skill

Now i will include sidebets :

Sidebets condition : Player Card1 , Player Card2, Dealer Card1 | Dealer Card1 , Dealer Card2, Player Card1
in order of decreasing chances..

1. Flush - three cards have same suite -> restore LP per draw
2. Straight - three cards are in sequence -> absorb incoming damage
3. 3 of a kind - three cards have same value -> recover damage dealt
4. straight flush - three cards have same suite and sequence value -> revive with 1000 LP
5. suited 3 of a kind - three have same suite and same value -> swap LP

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