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Jan 29, 2016
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Greetings to the community!

I made some faces to match the anthro SV actors set that I picked up here from Hiddenone.
I found the set inspiring enough to want to complete the faces that I could.
At this time I don't have any plan to do the tiger face, sorry ^^;

not currently accepting any requests as time limits prevent any firm time dedication.

I hope these help someone else

Items were made from scratch over one long boring weekend.

Please note that these are FACES ONLY and would need to work in conjunction with the SV anthro actors to have a full set.

Included are:

- wolf/beast type face
- wolf/beast type face with stripes (sorry no tiger)
- lizard/dragon face
- no nose selection
- no mouth selection

in order to get the faces to display properly, you have to select no mouth/no nose. you will also need to select the appropriate beast ears/horns as this is faces only.


Due to the face shape, some hairstyles do not allow proper display, as I was unable to figure out how to layer it without separating the hair pieces into multiple layers?

Ideas, thoughts on this would be helpful if anyone has any idea. ears and eyes should all match from the multiple styles I tried. I did not try any accessories, but they should match up unless it's face shape specific.


To install, simply unzip and take the files and place in the appropriate named folders. I suggest you always back up your generator folder before making any changes.

You may need to rename the files so they don't overwrite your existing assets in the character generator.

For steam users the file path should be "\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\Generator"

Files were created using Paint.Net.




Dragon man


Wolf Girl:



Terms of Service
All of these assets are free to use both non-commercially and commercially in your projects with RPG Maker MV, VX Ace, VX, or any RPG Maker..
You may not sell any of my assets by themselves, but you may alter them for your own uses and redistribute.
Also if you make something cool, I'd love to see it. No credit is required, but is appreciated if you do happen to mention me.

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