Blank spaces during image cutscenes?

Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by SpookyHollows, Sep 19, 2017.

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    Back when I used RPG VX ACE I didn't have this issue. I moved my game over to MV and now the cutscenes are a bit wonky.
    I'll try to explain best as I can..

    I made different images in flash for my RPG, to be used as cutscenes.
    I make an image show up one after the other with it's needed text, like so.


    And after the first image, it would go to the second with it's text, and the next, etc.

    But now in MV, it shows the first image with it's text, then for a second shows the game, then goes to the next image, then the game again..and just keeps doing that until you get done with the cutscene. Here is my event.


    It didn't do that in ACE and it's buggin me lol is there a way to fix that?

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    I don't know how this worked for you in ace but it's supposed to be
    show picture 1
    show picture 2
    erase picture 1
    show picture 3
    erase picture 2
    erase picture 3

    either that or the opposite. Can't remember if 1 is higher than 2 or 2 is higher than 1.

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