RMMV Blockade - Arcade-like high score game


The Faz
Jul 12, 2020
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Yo! This is my first game; I made this game to learn the basics of MV. I made myself all the eventing and graphics, with one exception here or there. I couldn't really figure out how to make good sounding music and sound effect so I didn't ended implementing them. Sorry about that; there are a few sound effects here or there, but it has no background music. I recomend putting some song on YouTube, I suppose.

Synopsis: Well, the game doesn't really have a story. The gameplay is pretty simple; pressing Shift will move a barrier to in front of you. The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible in a maze, Pac-Man style. In order to avoid the enemies you need to put the barrier to block their path towards you.

I also put a few achievements that unlock new skins for the character and a few new maps.

Common EventButton Plugin by HIMEWorks
Better AI Plugin by Shaz
No Options Title Screen Plugin by Shaz

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