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Nov 25, 2016
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okay so i like doing punny stuff for titles but i know this one is going to get missed by everyone not because i'm so terribly bright but because nobody's gonna have read the damn thing from the damn book i don't know the damn title of anymore. so how can i expect you to know it when i forgot myself? wait what was I talking about?

Oh right!

so i got these cool weapons with cool upgrade stones and that's like total badass but...

I want to make stones that do either of the following:

  • Change the default attack of the weapon into a specific special attack/add an effect to a basic attack like poison/paralysis/tax audit.
  • Add a skill to the skill list for the player to use.

So and I'm pretty sure I saw how to do this is one a Yanfly video or SumRndmDde or something... but I can't find that video anymore... :(

If anybody can help me with this or know of that video that sorta links effects/attacks/skill things to equipable items (i think it was via the note pages) I'd greatly appreciate it. :)  

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