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Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by Blair Pendragon, Aug 30, 2017.

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    *EDIT* I realized the error I made.

    I have a few save files where I run around and test various events on various maps.
    Im used to the general speed and flow of the game.

    So I'm nearly finished with the opening sequence of the game, and every time I test it out, and head out into the world map, I notice a rough 1-2 second delay, before the player boards the airship.

    I thought maybe its my imagination, and loaded up a save file.
    The player character gets on instantly.
    I start up a new file, and yet again, theres nearly a 2 second delay before they get on.

    The only events I did, was a blank screen, where i set movement route, set speed slow, through on, and transparent on.

    then teleport to a new map.

    on that map is an auto run, which moves the player 15 spaces left.
    then another set movement turns the player back to normal speed, through off, transparent off.
    and a variable to turn off the auto run.

    once i leave that map, and head to the world map, thats when I get the delay.

    Is something within this causing lag?
    my prior save files didnt have this event go off, or it didnt have those movements.

    I set my team to follow my main character, but had their graphics turned off. The delay was all the invisible characters gathering together, before getting on. But since they were invisible, it looked like a pointless delay.
    Well, I'm giving up on my original plan, and just turning off team mates following.
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