Apr 29, 2015
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So, I'm working on a game that is somewhat based in our modern day world, but with D&D-like elements (Ability scores, special skills, various classes, feats, etc). Throughout the story one, some or all of the party members will be required to infiltrate certain buildings and areas of operation. My wish is to create a special Clipboard as a powerful, very well hidden/difficult to obtain item.

As the joke goes in RL, you can walk right into any building or operation as long as you carry a clipboard and act like you are meant to be there.

I'd also like this item to be usable (unadvertised, of course) or, sometimes even necessary in certain other situations, such as recruiting a secret party member by making him think you are his boss' boss.

I may also make it useful for other quests or situations depending on the ideas you folks might help me come up with.

The actual name of this Clipboard doesn't seem to want to reveal itself to me either, but i'm looking for an RPG/D&D-ish type name such as "Enchanted Board or Authority" only, hopefully, MUCH less lame. 

Additionally, any ideas about assigning some attributes to The Clipboard, other than it just being a simple disguise, would be immensely helpful and I would be eternally grateful. Just think: If this were a modern tabletop game that loosely followed the rules and structure of D&D 3.5, how would you make this item special? What bonuses, enchantments, effects -- positive OR negative would you imbue this rare, difficult to locate and even harder to possess relic?

If I use any Idea from anyone on this forum, I will give that person credit in the game as part of my creative team. 

TIA to anybody with any constructive input! 


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Mar 24, 2012
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I mean it's a clipboard there has to be some notes or instructions on it. Have ActorA learn skills from it. I wouldn't use it as defense or offense. It really doesn't protect you from the harsh elements except maybe Light and Wind.

It's also a flimsy clipboard so Durability might not be a bad idea. Maybe some luk.

It could be a really heavy clipboard so it slows you down.

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