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    • However, I believe a better searcher, would be a bookmark window, kinda like a table of content created by the user as they make the game.

      Example Of New System

      Main Story
      Sarah Leaves
      Sarah Finds Pearl
      - Decision #1
      - Decision #2
      Bad People Know She Found The Pearl

      Then a user would be able to look through there bookmarks/comments in a dedicated window, find what they are looking to edit, then double clicked the area and it opens the event they are looking to fix. If they are making a long game, the system could also be searched for a bookmark not easily present

    Why is this feature good?
    This feature is great because of the following:
    • It should increase productivity in game making with RPG MAKER MV by at minimal 5%. No more, look over long stretches of code for a mistake to fix or long stretches of if/else statements.
    • Making team games more efficient, allowing users to possibly imitate a git environment for quicker game production. Slicing off about 10% off the waste of lengthy emails and hard to find contents in events.

    Possible issues with this feature?
    Issues that might arise from this feature:
    • So far I haven't thought of any, perhaps you guys have some ideas
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