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Discussion in 'RPG Maker VX Ace' started by FergardStratoavis, Jul 1, 2019.

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    Greetings. I request some help into technical insights of bosses.

    Making steady progress in the game of mine, I decided it's about time to give some boss a big boss attack, preceded by a "Wait/Gather Energy" kind of thing. I'm not really sure how to approach the matter however, mostly because the boss in question has two actions a turn. I think I might have been able to figure something out if it only had one, but I was hoping to keep these two actions a turn.

    The way I see it, I would like the boss to spend one turn on gathering energy (with the extra normal attack thrown in in the second action), so that the party may guard and take reduced damage from the huge AoE attack (and the normal follow up). Obviously I don't want neither Wait nor Big Attack to occur twice in a turn (the latter more than the former, of course). Something of a similar vein that I've observed was Wine and Roses's Grand Suit that always throws out its huge self-buff in regular intervals. The game in question does utilize numerous scripts however, and so I'm worried if I can replicate that effect with just basic tools.

    Any feedback and suggestions are mighty appreciated. c:
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    You could do this (I am not 100% sure it works because it has been a while since I used the default AI in VX Ace), but it has its own logic so I am quite confident:
    • set your boss to normally use either normal attacks or your charged attack;
    • have the charged attack add a state to your boss;
    • set your boss so that when he is affected by that said state he can only select the normal attack;
    • in your troop events add an event that checks if the boss has the charged state;
      • if the boss is affected by the said state remove it and add a different state (big aoe state);
    • set your boss so that when he is affected by the big aoe state he can only use the big aoe;
    • set the big aoe skill so that it automatically removes the big aoe state from your boss (you can do that using the formula or calling a common event).
    Well, this should do the trick. What I am not sure about is how exactly action selection for enemies works, because, when it comes to actors, the two skills used in the two different actions are stacked and then processed one by one. If this does not work, just give your boss a skill that does nothing and use troop events (following the same logic) and force action to simulate that behavior.

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