Brenda's Visual Battlers

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    Brenda's Visual Battlers
    Version: 2.0

    This system is designed to allow you, the programmer, to have battlers be able to change their appearance based on the weapons or gear being worn.

    It is based on Me(tm)'s Visual Equipment system which in turn was based on the systems by Raitaime and Geso Chiku.

    • Shows the players equipment in battle
    • Up to 5 types of equipment. From weapons to accessories
    • Able to go beyond 5 types if using Multi-Slots! by DerVVulfman.
    • Individual 'gear' graphics per actor


    Brenda's Visual Battlers - Static Battlers
    Brenda's Visual Battlers - Animated Battlers
    Both demos are showing it off with the RTAB system (version 1.6) and Animated Battlers. Modeled after my old 2007 demos

    This script gets pasted above Main but below Scene_Debug, or below your Custom Battle System if applicable. If used with any Visual enhancing system, it belongs above it.

    There IS a detailed configuration page that should be easy to use. Please read the Header/Instruction page to understand the system.

    Initially based on Me(tm)'s (or Derk Jan's) work, but heavily edited and now almost incomparable from the original

    Works by itself for the base 5 slots, or with MultiSlots! to expand beyond them. Also has adaptions for two-handed weapon displays with MultiSlots, and can function with both Animated Battles and Rosy's Transformations for shapeshifting actors.

    Credits and Thanks
    Credit for 'lots' of the base code comes from my pal Me(tm). He in turn used or evolved systems by Raitaime and Geso Chiku.

    Author's Notes
    Named after a friend at work. :D

    Terms and Conditions
    Free for usage, even with commercial projects. The only stipulation is that credit must be given to me, to Me(tm), Raitaime and Geso Chiku. Edits to the system however cannot be supported.
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