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Aug 17, 2012
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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my Let's Play Thread! Boy, you're looking svelt.

I'm currently seeking your awesome vidya games that you guys have made to play and post on my channel.

You can find my channel right here.  Why not give it a sub while you're there ;3

Please understand the following before requesting that I play your game:

  • My introductions are generally kept brief, so we can jump right into the star of the show - your game!
  • Videos may implement edits - including direct cuts to certain interesting spots, or other gfx/sfx additions to enhance entertainment value of the video.
  • I will be honest with your content.I'll praise your strengths
  • I'll critique your weaknesses
[*]I generally play for first impressions.
  • Videos generally last anywhere from 8 - 15 minutes (with potential edits)
  • Think of this as your chance to hook the player in - if the beginning of your game can't do that, you may want to reconsider your introduction.
  • If the game wows me - I'll turn it into a mini series (multiple part episode)
  • Generally, if the game has no entertaining value within the first few minutes, I won't post the episode.  You'll be informed of this through PM.
[*]In the end, I'll play this game as a player would - this gives you a great glimpse into how your game is executed.
  • Interesting mechanics will be utilized multiple times.
  • Beneficial exploits will be exploited.
  • Long and drawn out dialogue that isn't engaging will be skipped.

With all that said - if you're still interested in having your game played - just leave a comment right here with what it is and where I can get it!  I'll also be posting when the video is uploaded for you as well.

Show me whatcha got!  Thanks everyone!
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Mar 21, 2015
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Ooh you have a LP channel ?

That's good ~ i subscribed !

Best of luck to you and your channel.
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