Aug 27, 2021
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Broken Nights is an old-school turn-based RPG made in the spirit of games like Dragon Quest and the early Final Fantasy titles. It is dialogue-heavy, should take about two to three hours to complete, and was made with the RPG Maker MZ engine.

In Broken Nights, you’ll play as Isaac, an Off-White Knight in the Order of the Watchmen, who has just washed up on the shores east of his home with little memory of how he got there. The story picks up from there, as he attempts to make sense of the last couple weeks of his life. However, the story quickly becomes even more dire for our protagonist, as he realizes he has lost not only his memory but the possession he holds most dear…

Throughout the game, you’ll meet a large cast of characters: some friend, some foe, others still yet to be determined. You’ll solve puzzles that will challenge your memory, critical thinking, and even riddle-solving abilities! And, of course, it wouldn’t be a proper adventure if there weren’t some action! You’ll encounter burdensome beasts, fantastical monsters, and some unknown dark-magic-user accosting you for reasons beyond your ken, as you engage in classic, turn-based battles!

As you travel from Little Lake to Capital City, from Burrow to Homestead, from places easily remembered to places better forgotten, you’ll explore a Tolkien-esque high fantasy setting replete with Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and more. However, even as the setting consorts with some of our most-beloved fantasy tropes, the lands of Axis Mundi also find themselves in a period of great change…

For, the dust is still settling after the Realignment, where the previous monarchs were overthrown and the power to govern the lands was split amongst the newly-formed Three Houses. Sharing power with one another in a tenuous experiment in democracy, Broken Nights straddles the medieval and early-industrial, providing you with not only a personal Quest to fulfill but also an original fantasy world and lore to explore!

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Download today at itch.io!

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