RMMZ Broken Shadow [open world survival horror]

Mar 4, 2015
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This here is an attempt to resurrect an old project that I've stopped working on long ago. It was my second attempt at creating a survival horror game before I started working on De-Evolution (which is my third attempt and currently slightly stuck). I'm still not absolutely certain how I intend to approach this; my current plan is to restart this project on the Rpg Maker MZ, though I might move it to the Rpg Maker MV. Right now I'm mostly reworking various graphics and trying to figure out the technical side of it.


An unidentified flying object has crashed on a small, sparsely populated island. Shortly thereafter, there is a sudden increase in homicides and most of the inhabitants report severe hallucinations. Before the situation escalates, a secret organisation devoted to the protection of earth against extraterrestrial threats arrives, seals off the crash site and builds multiple facilities to find out what the ufo has brought to earth.

As more and more information seeps through, however, various rumors about intelligent aliens being held captive start to circulate and militant activists commence a large scale assault on the island in an attempt to free them. With the perimeter breached and the alien lifeforms set free, the whole ecosystem of the island starts to undergo rapid changes. Contact breaks off, and a special force unit composed of mercenaries is sent to regain control of the situation.

You play a mercenary hired to secure as much information as possible and to find a way to destroy the alien lifeform.

It is possible to choose between various weapons before you start the game. The island has multiple heliports that you can use as starting point. Completing objectives (finding information, or rescuing members of the research team) gives you credits that you can use to purchase additional weapons and other equipment. Ammo and supplies are very rare, so while being on the island you continuously get weaker. Additionally you have to use either air filters (in lightly contaminated areas) or pressurized air containers (when venturing closer to the crash site) as the air itself is contaminated. When you start to run out of pressurized air, air filters, ammo, or health, you can call for an evacuation helicopter.

Combat consists of using various firearms (various pistols, a shotgun, a submachine gun, an anti-material rifle, a grenade launcher + more), hand grenades (explosive or flash-bang) and combat knives. Enemies that have fallen to the ground can be instantly killed by stomping on them. Taking an especially hard hit can damage the hazmat suit, forcing you to leave the island as quickly as possible, or become infected. There will be also some enemies that can attach themselves to the suit and slowly try to break through.

Screenshots (old rm2k3 version)
(btw. the game is currently in German, but any demos and the final version will be in English)

The island will consist of the crash site, 4 research facilities, a small city with a harbor and multiple small hotels, a seawater desalination plant and a small airport, all of it surrounded by a thick palm tree forest. Each location will have a helipad (with some of them being initially defunct) so that the player can chose where he starts, and it will be possible to either traverse through the jungle from one location to another or quick-travel by using the helipads.

These are some of the regular early game enemies. (from old version, will be remade)

These are former humans that have been contaminated by alien spores. They are highly aggressive and will attempt to eat any non-infected humans or animals to increase their mass and prepare for transforming. More or less standard zombies. Slow and weak, but appear in large numbers.

Walking Cocoons
These are infected that have collected a sufficiently large amount of biomass to nourish an alien larva that is growing inside them. If they are attacked, the larva can jump out and attack immediately. The best way to avoid that is to kill them with incendiary or explosive weapons. Otherwise it is better not to engage them.

Bone Warriors
These are infected that have been transformed by the alien spores into performing a more combat oriented role, as a reaction to the arrival of the special forces. Their bones have grown rapidly to create a sturdy exoskeleton and their arms have turned into blades that can easily tear through a hazmat suit. Additionally they are also faster, as their body and brain have fully adapted to their new condition. It's best to use weapons against them that have good stopping power.

Itch.io page
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Mar 4, 2015
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Currently I've decided to switch engines from rm2k3 to rmmz (that shouldn't take too much time as I have most tiles in a higher resolution than I needed for the rpg maker 2003, though I'll have to completely redo all character sprites from scratch, and the combat system barely worked anyway) and for now I've made a new title screen. I hate those black boxes , but so far haven't figured out a way to get rid of them.

(this isn't how the menu is going to look in terms of the arrangement of elements (and the faces are placeholders), it's only a test of the menu graphics)
Now I'm reworking the design of the main character and the weapons arsenal.
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