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    Reporting Template:
    [b][u]User[/b][/u]: Your name here.
    [b][u]Bug[/b][/u]: Describe the bug in a short sentence. For example, 'Program crash when creating an event'
    [b][u]How to Replicate the Bug:[/b][/u]
    [*]Make sure to put in excruciating detail on how to do this.
    [*]You are required to be able to replicate this bug and give us a small project. No other nonsense files.
    [*]You can use the MV Stripper to help you with this.
    [*]If your project reaches more than 5 mb then your report is subject to be ignored unless it's absolutely necessary.
    [b][u]Other[/b][/u]: Post screenshots of the bug, videos, etc. Anything that will make it more clear for us in order to fix.
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