[BUG?] RMMZ Sound output and windows 10


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Jan 28, 2013
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Good evening.

I've been messing a bit with RMMZ over the past few days, and I found an interesting bug. Well, at least part of it is a bug. I'm not sure if one part is actually intended or not, so here goes.

The feature?:
In windows 10, with the default sound output of my computer set to my monitor, through display port, the sound works normally. Switching the windows default sound output via the icon in the system tray to my headphones immediately forces RMMZ sound out of the headphones instead of my monitor. The same functionality can be observed with an RMMZ game as well.

Why is this a bug?
Most applications stay bound to the sound device that was the default when they were opened. There are some programs that switch automatically, but the majority of them were designed for older version of windows, at least the ones I've noticed. Notably, browsers don't seem to do this, as one can watch a youtube video and swap freely between sound output devices and the sound will move around them, and this might be why RMMZ does it this way as well.

The bug:
In the above example, if RMMZ is outputting sound to the monitor and the monitor goes to sleep, RMMZ stops outputting sound entirely until it is relaunched. When a display port monitor shuts off, windows 10 disables it entirely, leading to a bunch of stupid window swapping shenanigans if you have multiple monitors (don't get me started on that), but because it does this, it also disables the sound device for the monitor. RMMZ apparently swaps to some other arbitrary sound device, and when the monitor comes back out of sleep, the sound from MZ is coming from whatever device it picked, not the monitor, and won't switch back to the monitor without closing and reopening the application. This, like the above, also happens to games.

The fix?
To fix the problem, the application, and games, should never change the audio output device during runtime, and stay bound to whatever the default device was when it was launched, like most windows 10 applications.

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