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Hello! This is my workshop, where I will create busts for your game! I love making these busts, so don't be afraid to ask. You can either reply to this thread or PM me with the request template.

1. Race (Human, Elf, Orc, etc... I can make human busts best. Any others may not turn out well.)
2. Gender (Male or Female)
3. Age
4. Description of Clothes or Armor (please be detailed! the more detailed you are here, the better the result will be!)
5. Reference images (optional, but would be helpful. link if you can't legally repost)
6. Alignment. This one is very important, as it will give atmosphere. Either Dark, light, or Neutral.
7. Personality. (also important)
8. Hair style and color
9. Skin color
10. Extra Details (optional)

I will make busts for your game free of charge. No hidden payments anywhere. They can be used for free in commercial and non-commercial games! The busts will be sized best for MV, but can be used in any engine.

Remember: the finished requests are NOT for use in either commercial or non-commercial projects. These are custom busts, only for the person who requested them.

1. ---
2. ---

The first person to request a bust will get theirs done first.
IF you have any questions feel free to ask.
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