Mar 13, 2012
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Disclaimer: Contains fantastic racism (by a villain).

Hiho, I’m disabled and work much slower than normal people, but I still managed to come up with something I could make within the time limit and still stand behind artistically:

Byteria Dungeon: Tiny Bold Adventures

The game is a dungeon crawler, somewhat minimalist but technically still an RPG. I focused on replayability.

* Made with RPG Maker VX Ace

** Primarily uses the RPGVXA RTP, with some stuff from the RPGVX RTP. (I bought several Makers, I want to use as much stuff as feasible.)

* There are two completely distinct dungeons with distinct protagonists (single Actors), set in the comedic world of Byteria.

** Marty is a young but skilled hero who may or may not be the legendary hero from an ancient prophecy and gets confronted about it. He’s a fighter with special skills powered by Impetus Points (my term for tactical points or whatever they’re called).

** Caishee has bought herself a bankrupt baseball team (she’s a fairy and this appeared to be fun) and attempts to meet a shady businesswoman in order to save it. She uses traditional magic.

* You can choose between several difficulty levels (these simply determine the experience level you start at).

* Each dungeon consists of two main levels, randomly generated courtesy of Saba Kan’s Dungeon Creation script, followed by a boss fight.

** There’s also Saba Kan’s Modify Event Behaviour – enemies are visible on the map and you can try to avoid them.

** Between dungeon levels you get your energy restored and an opportunity to save. You can also replay levels if you want to farm items and experience (or had to escape before finding all the equipment).

* Traditional turn-based combat powered by Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine.

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to polish the game engine as much as I wanted and add a high-score feature, not to mention more dungeons and heroes, but what’s there is fully playable. Enelvon’s Multilang would be another prominent script, but again, I haven’t actually gotten around to translating the text.

Download (16.5 MiB)


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Feb 19, 2014
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Congrats on finishing your game!  I played it without reading the main post because I like being surprised by the game (I'm odd like that).  I figured out it was a dungeon crawler right away, and even though I'm not a huge fan of them this was short enough for me to enjoy it.  The two characters are completely different to play as which was a nice surprise.  The battles weren't very difficult (though Caishee kept getting her butt handed to her on the second floor), and I think more variation between the enemy attacks would be nice if you keep working on this.  Since you used a dungeon generator the maps are pretty bland, adding some more details to them would make them more interesting to look at.

The story was the weakest point of the game, which isn't too surprising for a dungeon crawler, but I think if you spent some more time polishing everything this could be a pretty fun and good game.  :)

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