Calcu-Late (To Study Now When The Test Is Tomorrow)


Jul 4, 2014
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Calcu-Late (To Study Now When The Test Is Tomorrow)

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Calcu-Late is a game about a boy named james that need to participate in a godly olympics tournament as a representative for the goddes of mathematics, Seshat. The tournament will grant the participant a wish that they stated before the tournament starts. James is gonna take a final exam of math in his school, yet he forgot to study for it. His wish is just to pass the math finals.

The game is written in english and will consist of several puzzle and Versus-AI games.


The game consist of several stage which involves different puzzle with story cut-scenes in between. The game itself is quite linear and has autosave feature in each stage so if you failed in a certain puzzle, you can try again by clicking continue.


#1st character

Name : James

James is just an ordinary student in an ordinary world, but things suddenly change when there's a test tomorrow and he's not studied yet. It maybe just a common thing in everyday life, but not for James.

Will he or will he not survive tomorrow's test? Or is it already too late?

Help James in overcoming this obstacle and ace the test tomorrow!

#2nd character

Name : Seshat

The Goddess of Mathematics

Seshat is the only reason James has a chance on his test tomorrow. While she said that she's the Goddess of Mathematics, it's not clear what she actually in capable of. Is she rules all of thing related to number, or is she just that good with math.

This is also our first post and submission on this site. We're really expecting your feedback for this game, thank you!


Jun 16, 2014
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I posted it on the other topic, but here's my review of your game too so you have it easier to find them all ;)

I have just played Calcu-Late, so here's my review:

Graphics, sounds and music are good overal. The game has a nice presentation but there's a little bug at the beginning. The main character's portrait seems jagged, as if it had not been well cut-off. In later stages the white borders disappear, so I don't really know why it happens.

The plot is nice, but the writing is a bit lacking. There are some misspelling error here and there, nothing terrible, just little things. I like the bit if comedy in it, and the ending made me smile, so I think you got what you aimed for. Congratulations on that.

Now about gameplay... the game starts too slow, with a long scripted intro with too much text and little interactivity, that kind of put me off. But I decided to stay and give it a chance... and I'm glad I did. Even if the game is short, the puzzles are nice. Maybe a bit common, but nice. 

The only problem are the battles. Second battle is just a pain to play. The enemy moves so fast that you can't stop for a moment and think of what you're doing, so you must run around pulling levers until the battle is magically over. It's nice to get some action into your puzzles, but this one was just too hard, and I still don't know how I could pull it off. And the last battle... I knew what the game was about, as I've always been kind of a puzzle fan, but I had to look up for an strategy on the internet, as I didn't remember how this one went. And I guess people who don't know about it will get stumped because I guess the opponent always does the most perfect move it can. For a short game, having such an IA may be a bit harsh for the players.

Anyway, the game as a whole was nice, the autosaving feature was cool (even if it saved always before lenghty dialogues), and I think everything was well executed.


May 21, 2014
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I'll try this now !


The Warlock of Darkness
Feb 22, 2014
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Thanks for everyone that's playing. I hope you guys enjoy it. :D

Btw, since fanfish hasn't update the first post. Let me say it here instead.

For those who hasn't beat the game yet, there are walkthrough available. So, in case you're getting stuck on one of the puzzles, you can check the walkthrough for some solutions.

Here's the walkthrough :

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