Calling Scene_Map via scripting without ignoring Common Event? Rpg Maker XP


Mar 15, 2014
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Hello, I have a little technical problem wich is driving me crazy and I hope I'm not doing wrong by posting it here. I couldn't find a troubleshooting portion on the page.

I did a little battle system all via common event, wich is kind of simple, but I wanted to use the rpg maker XP Skill Menu and Item menus *without* having to open the principal Menu.

So I modified the scene_skill script and changed the line "$scene =" to "$scene =" (if pressing B on skill/item menu) and It was working until I noticed that if the game is running my Common Event battle system, and then I open the Skill menu via Call script command, and then I press B to "call" while it goes back to menu, it seems to "skip" or ignore totally my common event Battle system, it simply jumps to the next commands under the Battle system.

I tried adding a "calling common event from script" code, (i don't remember how it is written) but didn't seem to work. While experimenting I noticed that the momment this line "$scene =" is interpreted by the program, the game skips my common event.

Please, I really need to finish this or I'm done in my last year of school. Do you have any ideas to solve or, or to do the same an easiest way? (I mean, using skill and item menus without having to create them and using them without the principal menu screen)

If all that made sense...


Mar 2, 2012
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I've moved this thread to RGSSx Script Support. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.

Common events run while on the map, or when specifically called from a battle scene. There is nothing in the menus to make common events run or continue to run.

Anyone who responds, this question is about RPG Maker XP and RGSS, not Ace and RGSS3, so please take that into consideration in your answers.

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