Can a Bioware style party WRPG aimed at Nintendo and casual audiences be good?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by CmdrShep456, Oct 14, 2018.

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    I loved Bioware for the interesting worlds filled with interesting lore and characters as well as the moral choices but with Andromeda I don't have much faith in them anymore.

    Should Bioware or another studio introduce an interesting world filled with lore and lovable characters as well as moral choices to a wider audience including Nintendo gamers?

    If so would the game's style have to be cartoony?

    Romance but toned down to Old Republic Standards?

    Moral choices or none at all?

    Would the game have to be shorter? Like 10-40 hours long?

    Should the Bioware formula be used for main story or not?

    What setting would be best? Modern day with sci fi and/or fantasy elements? Superhero? Espionage?

    Robotic or fantasy enemies?
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    I'm confused why Nintendo was brought into this by name. Also how are we defining casual audience? Because I don't see people that only play mobile games being interested in a big RPG. These questions also seem a bit disjointed and not really relating to the topic in the title.

    Let's go rapid fire:
    • A Bioware-style WRPG aimed at Nintendo and casual markets can be done in a way that the game is technically good. However this style of game does not seem to appeal to these two markets so it would be very risky to make this type of game for these types of players.
    • Interesting, lore-filled worlds with likeable characters is not even remotely limited to Bioware or games of their particular style. Games like this are still being released all the time by many studios.
    • ...Why would the game need to be cartoony? Not sure how that came up, but no there is no reason a game of this type should be restricted in its art style.
    • Romance is fine for this style. Nintendo may have issues with how intimate things get but, again, I have no idea why this game would have to be made for a Nintendo console in the first place.
    • ...If you take out the moral choices then it isn't really Bioware-style is it?
    • ...Why on Earth would the game have to be shorter because of Nintendo? Also you can't realistically make a Bioware-style RPG at only 10 hours of playtime so the point is moot as trying to do this would make it impossible to make the type of game you are looking for.
    • Kill the Bioware plot formula. Lazy checklists are lazy. If a new plot structure can't be made, then the Bioware-style RPG doesn't need any new iterations.
    • The best setting is the one that fits the story you want to tell. Also "superhero" and "espionage" are genres, not settings.
    • Bioware has already done both robots and fantasy enemies so whatever works for the story is fine.
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    What a weirdly specific question. Bioware hasnt been making real Bioware games since EA bought them. The Devinity Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity games have far more in common with classic Bioware games than anything Bioware has made since the original Dragon Age. I dont know that those games would run on the Switches hardware though...

    What a bizarre post full of weird questions to kick off this thread...

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