Can I change the title screen and theme AGAIN?


Sep 15, 2015
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I wanted a way to be able to have two different title screens and themes for different parts of my game. The only other example I can recall of this being used in a finished game is in Mad Father, I can't remember exactly what causes the title screen to change but I do know it starts out differently than how it looks at the end.

This is what it initially looks like.

This is what it looks like later.

It didn't change the song (I think, I haven't actually played this game since early 2013 or something) in that game so I guess that'd probably be harder to make happen, it's alright though.

I know this game wasn't made with MV but I figured if a game made in an engine that came before has this feature, there's gotta be an option or plugin for it here, right?

I'm also not a coder so if there's some script I was supposed to type in and it was really obvious, I have no idea; I'm sorry for any trouble!!

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