Can I disable the skip button? Or attach it to an ending?


Jun 15, 2020
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Hi people,

I'm totally new to this, so I don't know a lot f things, but I want to know...
So, as you can already see I want to know if it is possible to disable the skip button.
Or even better, attach the function related to skip to an ending.

If it is possible to disable the skip button, cool, because people wouldn't be able to skip the text. But I think that would be extremely annoying for someone lol Because, even I use the skip function sometimes while playing VNs... So I can relate lol

So, if I can attach the function to skip the text and redirect it to an ending because people used the skip button, that would be extremely more helpful for me.
For example, if you play the game like normal and make the choices like normal, reading the text and everything, you're cool, because you're gonna be able to reach the true ending and such at some point.
But, if you try to skip the text and reach the ending soon, that would lead you into another ending because you're too lazy... lol

Maybe I said the same thing a lot of times, but it is something I think about a lot of times and would be an amazing thing to do for a Visual Novel. Specially for the one I have in mind lol

Thank you very much.


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Jun 1, 2014
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Under the System commands, there is Set Game Data which you can use to change Skip permissions.

For the second part, you can set up a condition to check if skip has ever been pressed which will set a switch to on. That switch will activate the "skip" ending. Are you using a blank project or one of the ones with the preset common events?

If it's a blank project, it will depend on how you have your Skip function set up.

With the preset common events, you just need to find the Toggle Skip common event and add a Condition command above it. Set this to switch and global, choose an unused Switch slot and name it something like Skip End Switch (or whatever you like). Have the condition check if this is off. Below it, add a Switch command and set it to the same switch and have that make it On.

While the system will now check every time it runs the skip function, it will set it to on the first time and leave it on.

Simply check the switch later with Condition again to determine whether the player moves to the ending created by Skipping or the regular ending.

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