Can you delete parallax cache or image cache in MV?


Nov 7, 2014
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i'm developing rpg mv mobile game and

got some issues... like.. CRASHING!!

i just want to delete parallax cache or image the game may use parallax and images as many times
as I want!

i'm using 'kaus overlay' plugin to use parallax in the map and

use a bunch of images in the game and in PC they work just fine.

my game resolution is 640x360... so files could be small...

no FPS drops but in mobile, (crash in samsung galaxy note 3 with android 5.1.1) (in a recent phone, the game doesn't crash)

the game crashes after switching some parallaxes and showing pictures...

(maybe after 5-10mins. if i don't go anywhere with new parallax, or no images shown , the game runs fine for over 40min.)

fps is fine....checked all the plugins and no parallel events...

so ofcoarse the reason would be taking a lot of cache in the memory right?

would someone know a good method to erase parallax cache? or erase image cache?

cus i have no clue how to erase image cache or parallax cache.... :(

some say you just can't delete cache permenantly in mv... so i'm lost here.... what do i do?

does this mean i can't make a mv mobile game with no crashing in old phones?

I compressed images and audios so the file size shouldn't be the problem..
the problem is the number of images i have to use... it's like 20-30. (about 100-130kb each)

I tried everything with

ImageManager.clear = function() {

this._cache = {};





removechild or this._cache[ ].baseTexture.destroy();}

... nothing seems to prevent the crashing... maybe i'm using the script wrong....

tried all other parallax plugins and also with built in '!parallaximagename'......

also tried preloading them.. and not deleting cache...

or preload them and deleted after using... every combination..

if i don't use 'kaus overlay' plugin and dont use parallax at all, the game doesn't crash..(not relieved at all.)

one way or another... i have to use the parallax somehow and have to use like 20-30 images... :(

please help me out if you have any good answers...

i just want to use like 5-6 parallaxes (about 200-800kb each) and 20-30 images (about 100-130kb each)

thnxs in advance....![/image]


Mar 5, 2013
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The automatic garbage collection should remove all unused pictures from RAM, but it takes some time to do so because of the detection of used files.
If you're getting crashes it's most likely due to some other reasons unless you're sprinting through dozens of parallaxed maps.

However, while you gave a lot of info the most important parts to check are missing:
How big are your parallaxes in pixels, and how big are your maps in tiles?

Thekb of a file is the compressed size - but to work with a picture the game needs the uncompressed data, which is a lot more.
And a parallaxed map needs around 3000 times the memory of a tiled map (just calculate - 48x48 pixels x 3 Bytes (24 bit color per pixel) for one parallax layer, that is 6912 bytes per layer compared to 1 Byte per tile per layer on tiled maps - tiled maps need more layers and have some overhead for the tileset, that's why I said 3000 instead of 6000 but that is the real requirement.

Which means that even a small parallax map of 20x20 tiles will require 2700 KB in memory - not your 200kb compressed data.
Which is also the reason why parallaxed maps are bad on mobiles and if you have to use them on mobile you should go for the smallest maps possible.

Clearing the cache after each map won't help you if the maps are too large to be handled by the mobile even on single use.

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