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    Hi Guys

    This is my first foray into game making.

    Its only short, about 20-30 minutes, but took me 2 weeks to create.

    I'd appreciate any constructive critisism.

    It has some horror / psychological themes.




    You play as a teen boy that has problems sleeping and has memory lapses.
    You sister has gone missing and you go into dream therapy to find out what happened to her
    Whilst in the dream world you are taken to the dark side of the characters mind
    You pass through a couple of memories as the evil character trys to trick you.
    Here you have to find items, get chased by creatures and find your sister.
    There are some minor jump scares and tense chase scenes.
    There is also a fair amount of dialog.
    There are two endings depending on finding one item (its not hard to find)
    The main mechnics are exploration, interaction, finding objects.
    A number of lighting effects have been used to try and limit the gamers field of view.
    There is no leveling or inventory management. It is aimed at being a scary walkthorugh exploration game.

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