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Dec 11, 2013
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I just discovered MV came with a BattleVoice plugin, which is something I need for a game I am making (I was just gonna add the battle calls to every unique character skill, I did it with only one skill as a test). I feel like this plugin would be much more efficient, the only issue is when I looked at its notations.... I don't know if it supports specified skill? For example, when you use a special skill or magic, the notation went something like <skillVoice:filename> (I'm typing this up from memory so the notation may be slightly off) and that looks to me like it'd just use one file for all skills in Special Skill (same would go for Magic notation), so unless I am missing something... is there a way to use this plugin to assign voice files for specific skills? For example, one of my characters has a lighting skill, and she's supposed to shout "Thunder Descend!" for that skill only. Is this possible with this plugin? Do I simply swap out "skill" with the skill's ID or name? Thank you for your time! ^^

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