Aug 2, 2015
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I had this problem for a long time now, I posted this before but there was no solution so now I'm posting it with more things I've discovered.

I'm trying to make a plugin for my game, very simple one, that will load the last saved game after game over instead of taking the player to the title. But no matter what I try, after loading, the BGM wont replay as it does in the Scene_Load, and I don't know why...

The BGM starts again when I move to another map, but it doesn't play after the load of this script in the map, only silence can be heard.

This is the code to load the game in the Gameover screen:

Scene_Gameover.prototype.gotoTitle = function() { this.fadeOutAll(); DataManager.loadGame(DataManager.latestSavefileId()); SceneManager.goto(Scene_Map);};I tried adding everything possible, all the lines of code involving the word "audio" in it.

I tried many times with :

but no success.

I'm tired of trying, seems like the only possibility left for me is to redirect the player to the Scene_Load, or creating a new Scene similar to Scene_Load that automatically loads the last save. But that doesn't seem like the correct path.
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