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    Saf seems the easiest of the lot then. That's quite interesting how the order would change if those restrictions are removed. What reason for Jorgen's fight to be easier than Heliros and Cadmoralus if there are no limits? Just curious as it might help me to consider what features to have in the final boss for my current project.
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    The 1st reason is that the minimum level in Incitement is 14-15 while that in Incitement 2 is 19,  ensuring the difficulty ranking between the final boss fights in Incitement 1 and that in Incitement 2 will be reserved without those restrictions.

    The 2nd reason is that while the main threat Cadmoralus poses is his immense damage output and the possibility of stunning up to 3 party members, that Jorgen poses is his Physical Shield and atk, def and agi debuffs.

    If the party members' levels are at least 18-19, they can still damage the boss somehow effectively despite having some debuffs and/or having to use magical attacks having both lower damage per turn and damage per ammo.

    On the other hand, Cadmoralus's damage output's still big enough to be a serious trouble and his potential party stunning ability poses almost the same level of threat to both a 24-25 Lvl party and a 14-15 Lvl party.

    If the party members' levels are just 14-15, however, every debuff does matter and a level 2 debuff makes those having it becomes extremely vulnerable and/or ineffective, making removing debuffs a much more important task and thus weakening the ability to both damaging enemies or healing allies. Also, the resources for a 14-15 Lvl party is so tight that its members just can't afford to use magical attacks which have both lower damage per turn and damage per ammo, forcing them to turtle until Jorgen uses Magical Shield again unless there's at least 1 AU Tick. This effectively lengthens the battle and thus making the already scarce party resources even harder to manage.

    On the other hand, while Cadmoralus's damage output's just insane for a 14-15 Lvl party, players can hope that he uses more skills with a single target thus dealing less damage to the entire party, and most of his skills just make straightforward damage output which can be countered by healing and guard. The only real threat which has no way to dodge is the potential party stun ability, but that also almost equally applies to a 24-25 Lvl party.
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    *eying this too*

    I don't have enough of a lifetime :p
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