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Mar 29, 2018
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Hello again, everyone!
So, for my game's battle system, the team has decided that the generic "Attack" command isn't going to be necessary, but instead of outright removing it, we wanted to repurpose it into a skill that recharges MP. That's easy enough.

Because the skill is mostly just a glorified "skip turn", it doesn't make sense to keep it at the top of the window, especially when the cursor defaults to returning its position there at the start of a turn.

Now, changing the order on the Command Window is normally possible with Hime's Battle Commands, and this did work as intended, but the problem comes when it's paired with YEP's Equip Battle Skills which is essential to the game's core mechanics.

When using Hime's plugin, it causes EBS's secondary feature that collapses all skill types into a single menu item to no longer work properly, causing it to display all skill types, including ones I want to remain hidden during battle or altogether.

This problem ended up persisting well after deleting the plugin entirely, and I had to load a backup to fix that issue, but unfortunately that kinda leaves me back to square one. I skimmed through the EBS plugin in hopes of seeing if the Skill Type feature would have some clues on rearranging the battle screen, but I didn't find anything fruitful.

One thing worth noting is that the Guard command would hypothetically work for this idea, but removing the Attack command would still be needed, and would leave us in the same position we are now. Furthermore, for reasons that still elude me, the Guard Command seems to have mysteriously vanished from my game. I had never noticed since it tends to be a relatively useless ability on its own, but after searching my backups, it disappeared sometime in August of 2018! I even checked the plugins to see if there was some glorious golden plugin hiding around there that might be able to remove Attack and add Guard back in.

But I digress. Given the nature of how YEP's Equip Battle Skills changes the position of various skill types, I have to believe there is some way to edit it into having Skills appear before Attack and Items. Does anyone know where I would need to go to change this?

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