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Discussion in 'Visual Novel Maker Support' started by Wraiith303, May 9, 2019.

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    Hey. I'm currently deciding which engine to use, and I have bought VN Maker when it originally launched.

    However I tried doing some research but can't seem to find the answer to my question, and I don't want to commit to VN Maker if this isn't possible:

    Lets say I have an actor ben, and I have all the required facial expressions etc for 3 versions of him, one where he is wearing a blue shirt, one wearing a green shirt and one wearing a pink shirt.

    is it possible to have something where I add a variable, something like ben_defuaultshirt, and call that as an actor? this way the user has an option for a shirt color, blue green and pink. And instead of doing something like this for EVERY scene:
    if choice = blue, show ben_blue else
    if choice = green show ben_green else
    show ben_pink

    can i rather do it like this:
    ben_defaultshirt := choice
    show ben_defaultshirt

    I'm trying to make my life easier. Is this possible?
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    Hey man,
    I have some good and some bad news...
    Good news, is it's definitely possible to select the character by variable,
    the bad news, VNM isn't supporting character expression changes by variable as far as I know. (Hopefully in the future it will)

    So, depending how you wanna look at it, good or bad news, you can make it work, you would just have to put in a little extra effort and make some common events for expression changes.

    For example:

    Here I will use Lucy as an example.

    First you should have set up your Characters and their expression in a similar fashion.

    Next you will need to translate the Character IDs into variables.

    Next, you will need to somehow define what the currently displaying character is wearing.
    Here, for the sake of simplicity, I used the default show choice commands that lead into a common event, but you can do this step however you wish.

    Common event example:
    Pretty simple here, "Current Choice" should be your character's name.

    So now that we have our current outfit defined, we can get started on the content of the scene.
    Here is a sample I made, it uses a Call Common Event command when I need to change expressions.

    Common event for the change into a happy expression:

    Here I used a parameter to define the wait duration, but it is optional.
    If you want more control over it, you should use the "Character Defaults" commands since it has the option to control easing effects, however...
    If you should go this route, call the command before any expression changes and make sure you leave the "Duration" field default (Don't touch it!!!!) or it won't work correctly.
    If you did touch it and it doesn't work right, just simple delete the old expression change command and replace it with a new one.

    I hope this works out for you.
    Oh silly me... I didn't even think to ask if you were using script or action sequence before I did all that... Oh well, hopefully it offers a solution to whomever needs it.
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