Changing variables dependent on actor affected

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    Hi all! New to the forums here but hoping I can get some help!  

    I'd like to know how I'd be able to do the following during battle: 

    When actor A uses a certain skill (which we'll call Skill5 for fun) on one of the other actors, it changes a variable that is dependent. For example, my variables would look like this:

    001 Actor A's Variable

    002 Actor B's Variable

    003 Actor C's Variable


    So if Actor A used a skill on Actor B, it would change Actor B's Variable, or variable 002, by -1

    I'm using a few Yanfly plugins, including YEP_SkillCore, which in lunatic mode almost has what I'm looking for but alas I am no lunatic and have no idea how I'd implement it where it is determined by who is being effected.  Here is a snippet from the plugin which I think is useful: 

    Example: <Custom HP Cost>

    code cost += $gameVariables.value(1);

    code </Custom HP Cost>

    </Custom HP Cost>

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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