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I know there are some people who wants to know how to do this and there might be a Topic made for something like this but here is what it pretty much is. 

At the beggining of the game when you select if you are a boy or girl and you choose who you are, that's basically what this does. The game starts, you select your gender, your class, and then imput your name. Well here is how you can do it:

1) Create a New Game

2) Delete the already Existing Map and start a new map (You can change the Parallax Background or leave it blank, up to you.).

3) Goto Tools-> Database -> System and delete the Initial Party Actor.

4) Setup who you want your Actors to be for each class (if you want more than one Actor for each class, then create how many Actor you want for each class. I made an extra Actor and left it all blank for when the player names their character. Example: If you want the player to choose 2 Different Actor if they choose to be a Warrior, then create 2 Different Actors to be a Warrior) (This is for choosing between 4 different classes)

5) On the Map you created, select anywhere and Right Click on the map and goto Set_as_Starting_Position -> Player

6) Create a New Map (This will be where you transport your Player to after they choose who they are)

7) Go back to the Map you started with and create an event anywhere. 

--Choosing Gender--

1) On the event,  create a text saying "Are you a boy or girl?" or some text you want asking the player if they want to be a boy or girl.

2) Make a Show Choice having the options : Boy, Girl.    Make sure you have the When Cancel part selected to Disabled.

--Choosing your classes--

1) Do the same Step for Choosing Gender. With the text, have it asking the player which class they want to be. With the Show Choice, give the choices of the classes you have preset for them. Make sure that the When Cancel part is selected to Disabled.

2) For each Class, goto Change Party Member and add whichever Actor you made for that Class. (Example: You made an Actor name Bruce that was going to be a Warrior with all his Stats and Image picked out for being a Archer. Goto the Class Archer in the Show Choices section and Change Party Member to Bruce).

3)  After the Change Party Member, Add the Name Input Processing on Tab 3 (If you want the player to input their own name, that's where the Additional Actor came in with everything blank) and select the Actor for the Preset Name to pop-up when they change their name.

---Finishing up---

After the Show Choices,"Branch End" , Add some additional effects if you want , If want to know how to choose a Follower to start off with you, just ask in the comments. I migh add it in later. At the very end tho, Goto Tab 2 and Transfer Player to the map you are having your character start at! 

Hope this helps!


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Nov 15, 2012
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I've moved this thread to RMVX Ace Tutorials. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.

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