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Jan 12, 2016
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Rpg Maker Mv Version 1.0.0

I want to be able to have a character cast a skill that will summon a dragon in his place. After battle , the user should return. Also, the hero should return when the dragons HP is 0, or when the Dragon has expended a certain amount of turns, or a custom skill point.

I currently have set up a skill for the hero 

Summon : calls common event  ( common event only has: remove character "hero", add character "dragon")

and the dragon is

Revert : call common event (common event has reverse commands)

However if I do not use the revert skill, the battle ends with the dragon, and is there until i use a party change event.

I am not familiar with JS. and have not been able to find a solution with searching, perhaps my terms are wrong.

I have a well understanding of algorithms, however not the method nor the syntax for this engine.

I know basically I want a condition loop, any coder will understand me. I just have no idea how to implement this, among a slew of other things.

:if (dragon_HP) <= 0

 remove_character = Dragon

add_character = Hero :

:if (dragon_turns) = 5

remove_character = Dragon

add_character = Hero

:if (battle_end)

 remove_character = Dragon

add_character = Hero:

As I said, I know the syntax is not correct, however the conditions, variables, and solutions should be evident.

I believe this could be implemented and used for a variety of things, another variation is similar to J'eanne D'arc, where the heroes can transform,

or like BOF3 & 4, transform into a dragon form.

Any help would be appreciated, even links to a solid tutorial on JS and using it with RMMV.
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