Character Waits Until After Another (Turn Order Manipulation)

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Jul 15, 2016
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Hello, and hope everyone's having a fantastic day!

We're looking for a plugin that will work with the YanFly STB, the YanFly CTB, or the Olivia OTB. In this instance, we're not able to use any ATB, but if the plugin can work for ATB, then that's fine too. We'll personally be using either STB, CTB, or OTB for this project.

What we want is the ability to, on a character's turn, choose to wait until after another character or enemy goes.

Two examples:

Example #1:

Turn Order: Harold, Therese, Monster.

Therese has a power that will make the enemy weak to Fire for only one round. On Harold's turn, he chooses to wait until after Therese's turn.

The Turn Order shifts to: Therese, Harold, Monster. (The player can see this change.)

Now, Therese is able to use her power. Then it's Harold's turn. Now he can use his fire-typed power to attack and cause the most damage.

Example #2:

Here's where it gets complicated. Let's say that this is the Turn Order: Harold, Therese, Marsha, Monster.

This time, the Therese is out of MP, and Marsha has the MP-healing items. So, on Harold's turn, he chooses to wait until after Therese, since Therese still has the "weak-to-fire" power.

So now the Turn Order is: Therese, Harold, Marsha, Monster.

However, the heroes still need to let Marsha go first, so Therese chooses to wait until after Marsha. That changes the turn order with both Therese and Harold.

Now the Turn Order is: Marsha, Therese, Harold, Monster.

Now Marsha can heal Therese's MP, Therese can use her weakening power, and Harold can blast the Monster.

While we never use it in these examples, the player could also choose to go after the Monster (there has to be an instance where that would be necessary).

The ideas behind this plugin is that it encourages teamwork and a strategic use of character turns to optimize attacks against the enemy.

I would assume that for balancing, you'd want to have a parameter restricting the number of times a character can change his place in the Turn Order, if not outright restrict it to once per round.

We looked for a plugin that would do this, but couldn't find it on the Master List or elsewhere.

As always, if there is any confusion, or if any clarification is needed, please let us know.

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