Dec 13, 2015
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Get it here:


What the script does (copied from the header of the script):

  1. #==============================================================================

  2. What it does:

  3. 1-Allows you to use 'chatter' messageboxes. The difference from normal messages

  4.   is that they don't pause the game and don't close by pressing the action key.

  5.   Instead you provide the message with a timer and it will close automically

  6.   when the time is up. Another difference is that several chatter messages can

  7.   be active at once (though there is a limit (6 by default) which you can adjust

  8.   by chaning MAX_MSGS a bit lower down).

  9.   To make a message into 'chatter' use the '<cm:X>' tag in your message, where X

  10.   is the duration in seconds (IMPORTANT: THIS TAG HAS TO BE ON THE FIRST LINE


  12.   Set X to a negative number and the message will last forever.

  13.   You can use this method in a script call to close all chatter messages:

  14.   clear_chatter


  16. 2-By default Pop messages show a speech bubble tag of sorts so it's easier to

  17.   see which character the message belongs to.

  18.   I changed that code a bit and added option of showing a speech bubble tag or

  19.   thought bubble tag for the chose character.

  20.   Speech bubble tag is the same message tag as previous: \bm[x]

  21.   While thought bubble tag is: \bmt[x]


  23. 3-By defauult Pop messages don't work during combat. Now they do.

  24.   It works mostly like normal. Use \bm[x] or \bmt[x] to show a pop message.

  25.   The difference is that to apply the pop message to an enemy, make x a positive

  26.   number. So enemy 1 \bm[1] and enemy 4 would be \bm[4]

  27.   Meanwhile actors use negative numbers. Like so: actor 1= \bm[-1]

  28.   HOWEVER, for pop messages to work for actors they needed to have a visual

  29.   battler. And I can't guarantee it will work with all actor battler scripts.

  30.   The only one I can guarantee works is Jet's sideview battlers since it's what

  31.   I use.

  32.   One problem with Pop messages in battler is that if a battle has a different

  33.   size than a normal character sprite the message box will get a bit missplaced.

  34.   To fix that I added to other messagebox tags to use to change the position.

  35.   \ox[X] - Offsets the messagebox position horizontally by X pixels.

  36.   \oy[X] - Offsets the messagebox position vertically by X pixels.


  38. Please note if you are using Yanfly's core script & Yanfly's Ace Message script

  39.   together. You need to set FONT_NAME in the core script to have the same value

  40.   as MESSAGE_WINDOW_FONT_NAME in the ace message script. Otherwise when these

  41.   two are combined it will sometimes cause the width of text to be

  42.   miss-measured. This wouldn't cause much of a problem normally, but when using

  43.   pop messages which measure the width of the text to set the width of the

  44.   message box it can cause big problems. (the other font settings on the two

  45.   scripts (that is bold, italic, shadow and outline) should preferably also be

  46.   the same on both)




  50. 1-Added text sound. You can add different text sounds in the TEXT_SOUNDS hash

  51.   in the config area (further instructions on adding sounds there). By default

  52.   messages won't have sound. To add it use this tag: <ts:x>   where x is a key

  53.   that exists in the TEXT_SOUNDS hash.


  55. 2-Added Message box background tones. This allows you to specify different

  56.   background colors for your message boxes. You can add different tones in the

  57.   WINDOW_TONES has in the config area (further instructions on adding tones

  58.   there). By default it will use the normal window tone. To use one of the tones

  59.   in the WINDOW_TONES has use this tag: <bc:x>  where x is a key that exists in

  60.   the WINDOW_TONES hash.


  62. 3-Sometimes you might want to change font size in your message, multiple times,

  63.   or do other things that might affect the size required by your message and

  64.   therefore cause the size of the message window too be to big or too small. So

  65.   I added a tag to use to adjust the message window size: <pms:x,y> . It changes

  66.   Pop Message Size, adjusting the width by x and height by y. So if you put

  67.   <pms:20,-10> in your message it will increase the width of the window by 20

  68.   and decrease the height by 10.


  70. 4-If you're like me you think it's annoying to have to remember which event has

  71.   what id when writing messages and it's further annoying to have to write so

  72.   many tags for each message. That is why I made it so now in my game using this

  73.   script I can position my pop message on the event I want and make it use the

  74.   background color and text sound that I want just by entering this tag:

  75.   <bt:x> (for speech bubble)  OR <btt:x> (for thought bubble)

  76.   How does that work you might ask?

  77.   Well lets say I have an event which is supposed to be one of my actors. Let's

  78.   call the actor Emil. In the name box of the event I put the tag: <emil>.

  79.   Now when I use the tags: <bt:emil> or <btt:emil>  the pop message will get

  80.   placed on that event. And if WINDOW_TONES has a value with the key 'emil',

  81.   that window tone will be used too. Same for TEXT_SOUNDS except if you are

  82.   using btt because thoughts shouldn't make sound now should they?

  83.   Doesn't that sound so much easier?

  84.   It will also make it easier to tell which event is saying a text when looking

  85.   at the event command in the editor since you know who 'emil' is but might not

  86.   be able to as easily tell which event '72' is.


  88.   You can also specify the player with these tags by using 'pl', like so:

  89.   <bt:pl>

  90.   The reason I added this was to allow setting window tone and text sound for

  91.   player as well. This probably won't be all to useful in most cases since

  92.   the showing actor for the party might vary but I figured I should still add

  93.   the functionality.


  95.   If you are wondering why all my new tags use different structure than the

  96.   previously existing ones then well.... because! Consistence is overrated

  97.   anyway, who needs it?


  99.   Using these these two tags (<bt:x> & <btt:x>) does however require the

  100.   functionality of one of my other scripts, called Qonvenience (guess you could

  101.   kind of call it my 'core' script like how other scripters have (Yanfly,

  102.   Victor, Yami, etc).

  103.   You can find a link to it under the 'Requirements' section.




  107. -When showing choices it will appear differently depending on if the open

  108.   game_message is a pop message or not. If it is not it will display like normal.

  109.   But if it is a pop message the message window will be made bigger and the

  110.   choices will be displayed inside the message window.


  1. Requires Yami's Pop messages to work. You can find it here:

  2. https://github.com/suppayami/rmvxa-collection/blob/master/yami-script-ace/10%20-%20Pop%20Message.txt

  3. Also requires my script Qonvenience if you plan on using the message tags

  4. <bt:x> and <btt:x>

  5. Find it here:

  6. http://pastebin.com/J6haUy5T

Designed to use these speech/thought bubble tags and windowskin:


Windowskin made by Soruve (not sure if it's fine to use in commercial projects. Contact Soruve if you want to use it):


Instructions/Install notes:

Read the script header.

Heres a video of the script in action. It is of the first version of the script though so it doesn't display all the features it currently has (and also displays one or two bugs which have now been fixed):


Yami for making Pop Messages.


Aug 27, 2014
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Nice addon, can i use this in my project?

Edit : I got error on your script it says 

"Quack Chatter Message' line 801 : NameError occured

undenfined local variable or method 'yse_pm_create_message_window'
for #<Scene_Map:0x80392e4>
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