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Aug 6, 2014
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MoveTo : Version - 1.0.0

Creator : Chaucer

Introduction :

This Plugin allows the user to make characters move directly to a specific location, be it event, player, or follower

Screenshots :


How to Use :
This plugin works via plugin commands and script call(for move routes),

there is two unique plugin commands to use, as well as script calls.

Plugin Commands:

note: anything inside "<" & ">" is a dynamic parameter, they will have explanations below,

please do not add "<" & ">" in the code as it will not work.

<character> <id> moveto <x> <y>

<character> <id> moveto <character> <id>


player : replacing character with player will give the value of the player character.
event : using event will give the value of an event.
follower : will give us the value of a follower.


number : the id of the event or the follower, do not use this parameter for the player.


number : the x location you want the character to move to on the map.


number : the y location you want the character to move to on the map.

 player moveto event 1
the above in a plugin command will move the player to event 1.

event 5 moveto 5 10

the above in a plugin command will move the event with the id of 5 to the coordinates x 5 y 10.

follower 1 moveto event 6

the above in a plugin command will move the first follower(closest to the player) to the event with the id of 6.

Script calls:

note : anything inside "[" & "]" is code, do not add "[" & "]" into your code, as it will not work,

all possible values will be defined below the script calls.

[character].moveToLocation( x, y );

[character].moveToCharacter( eventId );


$gamePlayer : using $gamePlayer.moveToLocation( 5, 6 ) will tell the player character to move to the map location, x 5, y 6.
$gameMap.event(id) : using $gameMap.event(1).moveToCharacter(0) will tell the character to move to the player(0

is the player, anything higher will refer to an event).

Note : I've excluded followers from this list as it could be a bit confusing to some, it IS included in the help file though if you are interested.

Instructions can be found inside the help file incase you forget.

Script :

Credit and Thanks :

Author's Notes :

This plugin does NOT work with collision detection, as it moves the player off of the grid.

This plugin works similar to jump, in that way, and will ignore all passability.
It might be possible in a future update to add collision detection, if it's really necessary.

Terms of Use :

-This plugin is free for commercial and non commercial use.
-Please give proper credit.
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